Blinken to visit South Korea to attend democracy summit

The summit, titled "Democracy for Future Generations," will be attended by foreign ministers and other high-level officials.

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SEOUL, March 14: According to South Korea’s Foreign Ministry, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will visit South Korea next week to meet with his South Korean counterpart Cho Tae-yul on Monday.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Lim Soo-suk says Blinken will attend the third Summit for Democracy held in South Korea from Monday to Wednesday.

The meeting is the second between Blinken and Cho this month amid security threats posed by North Korea.

The summit, titled “Democracy for Future Generations,” will be attended by foreign ministers and other high-level officials and civil society members, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s office said.

Democratic relations will be discussed between the two countries, and how bilateral relations can be improved will also be discussed.

Common values such as freedom, human rights and the rule of law will be discussed.

Apart from this, the Foreign Office spokesperson said that security concerns arising in the Korean Peninsula will also be discussed. 

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