David Cameron returns to government as UK foreign secretary

Labour's Pat McFadden criticized the move, stating it contradicts Sunak's promise of change from Tory failures.

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David Cameron

LONDON: Former Prime Minister David Cameron has re-entered the political arena, appointed as the UK foreign secretary by Rishi Sunak.

Downing Street announced the decision amid Rishi Sunak’s broader reshuffling of the government cabinet.

Rishi Sunak criticized

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s choice to bring back Cameron aims to please moderates but has sparked dissent from the party’s right wing.

Labour’s Pat McFadden criticized the move, stating it contradicts Sunak’s promise of change from Tory failures.

The decision to appoint Cameron as foreign secretary was announced after Sunak sacked Suella Braverman and replaced her with foreign secretary James Cleverly.

James Cleverly meeting with Chinese foreign minister
James Cleverly (Right) was appointed as home secretary

Cameron vows to stand by allies

Cameron took to X, formerly Twitter, and said, “We are facing a daunting set of international challenges, including the war in Ukraine and the crisis in the Middle East. At this time of profound global change, it has rarely been more important for this country to stand by our allies, strengthen our partnerships and make sure our voice is heard.”

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