Iran and Turkey agrees to contain Gaza war

The meeting comes amid increasing pressure on international community to call for a ceasefire

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Iran and Turkey agrees to contain Gaza war
Image: Anadolu Agency

ANKARA, TURKEY: The Iranian President and the Turkish President agreed to de-escalate the situation in Gaza amid the mounting death toll in the war-torn enclave.

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi visited the Turkish capital and met the host President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss the Middle East crisis that is feared to escalate across the region.

Iran and Turkey agrees to contain Gaza war

During a news conference after the meeting, Erdogan said the two parties had discussed containing the spillover of the Gaza war.

“We agreed on the importance of refraining from steps that will further threaten the security and stability of our region,” Erdogan said.

Al Jazeera’s reporter Sinem Koseoglu, from Turkey, claimed that the main agenda of the meeting was to make sure the war in Gaza doesn’t spread.

“No one expects the two leaders to stop what’s going on in Gaza, but at least what they aim is to contain the escalation”, she said.

The meeting comes amid mounting pressure on Iran to withdraw its support from supporting what it calls “the axis of resistance”.

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