Pentagon says China is building up its nuclear weapons

The report also said China is learning from Russia's invasion of Ukraine

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WASHINGTON: The Pentagon has said China is building its nuclear arsenal much faster than anticipated.

In the China Military Power Report, the US Department of Defense accused the Chinese government of multiplying its nuclear assets dramatically.

China is building up nuclear capabilities

Annual reports are crucial as the Pentagon measures military capabilities based on the assessments.

As usual, this year’s annual report also focused on China, which the US considers the “greatest security challenge”.

Last year’s report also said Beijing was rapidly advancing its nuclear force to 1,500 by 2035.

China has rapidly modernized its military, raising concerns about potential conflict in the Pacific.

China learning from Ukraine war

The report also said China is learning from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which went terribly for Putin. The report noted that China is critically evaluating Ukraine’s war to predict its invasion of Taiwan.

The report is crucial as the Biden administration has been accused of failing to accomplish its goals in Ukraine and the Middle East, the Associated Press report said.

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