Subways & Airports Paralyzed As Rain Floods New York City

The city of 8 million people saw 6 inches of rain overnight.

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flood submerges car in New York City
Photo Credit: Reuters

New York: New York City has been paralyzed after heavy rains flooded the subways and airports in the city. Major parts of NYC including Brooklyn and lower Manhattan saw 6 inches of rain, shuttering businesses and metro-stations.


The BBC report


As per the Mayor’s virtual briefing, the rain which started overnight intensified at around 7 am. “The storm picked up significantly after 7am,” Mayor Eric Adams said. Videos circulating on social media show vehicles and buses half submerged in the water, but no deaths have been reported so far. 

New York City authorities have urged people to stay indoors and avoid going outside. Mayor said it has been really difficult to move around in the city therefore people are urged to remain wherever they are. 

Governor Imposed State of Emergency

New York City Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency in the city of around 8 million people. The current September month has been the wettest one in the last 140 years for the city, as per the data from the National Weather Service.

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