Russia forcing Ukrainians to vote in Presidential elections

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Russia forcing Ukrainians to vote in Presidential elections

MOSCOW, 13 March: Moscow has launched a massive campaign to encourage people in the occupied territories of Ukraine to vote in the elections.

For the first time, nationwide elections will be held for three days (15-17 March), but voting has already started in the four occupied Ukrainian regions of Zaporizhzhya, Kherson, Luhansk and Donetsk.

Residents are complaining that Russian election officials go door to door, accompanied by armed men.

The Russian election officials have told the residents to stay at home over security concerns.

Ukraine rejects sham elections

Meanwhile, the Ukranian government has rejected the elections as a sham.

Kyiv accuses Russian President Putin of legitimizing its illegal authority over occupied territories.

The Ukrainian secret services also assassinated a local woman for aiding Russian election officials on its territory.

Vladimir Putin is going to face three candidates, but none of them is a serious challenge for him. All of Putin’s vocal critics in Russia are either killed, exiled or jailed.

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