Russia has launched a coordinated offensive in eastern Ukraine

Russian forces are moving armored battalions to capture Avdiivka, British intelligence said

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RUSSIA/UKRAINE: The British Intelligence Agency has indicated that Russia is concentrating its forces on an offensive in eastern Ukraine.

The agency has revealed Russian plans to orchestrate a massive offensive to capture Avdiivka, one of the significant obstacles in Russia’s efforts to capture the Donetsk region.

Russian forces are encircling the city

The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence posted on X, formerly Twitter, that Russian forces are moving armored battalions to capture Avdiivka.

The British intelligence services said Russian and Ukrainian troops would fight one of the bloodiest battles, at least since January 2023. 

Russia sustained heavy losses

Britain’s intelligence update revealed that Russian forces are sustaining heavy losses in the nearby regions of Donetsk.

“Entrenched Ukrainian forces have so far likely held back the Russain advance, with the latter sustaining heavy equipment and personall losses”, the statement said.

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