Ukraine to face drone shortages due to China restrictions

Ukrainian soldiers suggest situation may worsen in future.

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Soldiers with military drone

KYIV: According to the BBC, the Ukrainian armed forces are facing drone shortages amid restrictions imposed by China on exports.

Drones have played an important role in Ukraine’s efforts against Russian aggression.

Ukraine President overseeing troops
Shortage of drones can significantly hamper Ukraine’s war efforts

China’s drone restrictions

Since August, China has imposed restrictions on exporting civilian drones, citing concerns about military use.

China has been neutral in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but experts suggest Xi favours Putin.

China’s DJI Technology Co., one of China’s leading exporters, said in April 2022 that it was withdrawing from the Russai-Ukraine conflict to prevent its drones from being used in combat.

Supply of drone parts is affected

The Ukrainian soldiers on the ground say the restrictions have negligible impact on their war effort, but the situation may worsen soon.

“The only change for now is that we’re more actively buying whatever stock is left in European warehouses,” the head of the largest Ukrainian volunteer group told BBC.

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